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What's the Crew Been Up To?

What's the Crew Been Up To?

April 04, 2023

It has been a busy end of 2022 and beginning of 2023 for the Silver Sail Crew. We continue to work hard for you, our clients, as we keep
our eye on current trends and what is happening in our world. We also find it important to make time for our friends and family. Here is a mix of what your crew has been doing.

✓ Staying up to date on the quickly changing information to keep you and your families informed.

✓ Calls with clients to assess need for changes or support during fast changing times.

✓ Reviewing portfolios for necessary changes and needs for clients.

✓Reviewing portfolios for rebalancing opportunities.

✓ In September, Missy and Mark visited the Dallas office to do some team building and client events.

✓ Christi attended the Invesco forum to do due diligence on their financial products as well as their INREIT real estate product and generating income for clients.

✓ Christi continues to lead and grow a group of Elite Mastermind Women in finance.

✓ Christi attended the LPL Women's Forum and Forbes Top Advisors Summit. At these she was able to share some of the best practices the Silver Sail team does to help our clients and manage portfolios in an efficient and timely manner. She also collaborated with other Forbes top advisers to learn what they are doing that the Silver Sail team could adopt to bring even more value to our clients.

✓ Christi and Mark visited with numerous vendors and companies such as Blackrock, Janus Investments, Midland, Prudential, Jackson, Transamerica, American Funds, First Trust, New York Life, DWS, Invesco, YCharts and Threadneedle to ensure we offer clients the best possible options for long-term planning, life insurance, long-term care and other advanced planning strategies.

In October Christi was invited to the Forbes Shook Top Advisor summit. There she spoke to some of the top advisors in the country.

Christi got together with her LPL financial lady advisors mastermind group called the Elite Women in Finance. There they shared about best practices in investing in portfolios, software to use to support clients in their financial endeavors, and visited with executives from LPL Financial to get feedback and to share camaraderie.

In January Christi drove her office and her cat to Florida in order to work, see Florida clients and have a little sunshine during the winter. While there, she did some activities to help increase our knowledge of financial professionals, especially in the Naples Florida area. As you can see by her face, Princess Leia enjoyed the drive.

Christi visited with the CEO of First Trust, Jim Bowen discussing the economy, inflation, world politics, and the state of his company. He is a very insightful, kind and dynamic man.

Christi visited with Cathie Wood of Arkinvest one evening about their companies. Cathie described how she is investing in the ETFs she is running. She is very aggressive in technology and thinks that there will be a disruption in the marketplace with most technologies changing how we live day to day and what we invest in.

Missy, along with her husband and son, taking some time to sightsee in Chicago while attending a club volleyball tournament.

Missy's oldest daughter got engaged! Her and her new fiancé.

Missy's daughter playing around while her sister tries on wedding dresses.

Missy and her husband in Cancun visiting the ruins.

Stacey and her family, along with some friends, headed to Orlando for a week full of Disney parks and fun!

Stacey and her husband supporting their daughter's cheer squad!

Stacey's family celebrated the second birthday of their sweet rescue pup, Libby.

Mark and Natalie attending a fundraising event.

Mark and his family waited 3 years of the pandemic to sail the high seas at Thanksgiving on a new Disney Cruise ship.