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How Does This Work?

Wealth Management is based on fully understanding our clients. We begin by knowing your most important goals, challenges, and values. Together we complete the Total Client Profile consisting of seven key categories: values, goals, relationships, assets, advisors, process and interests.

This is the basis of our next five meetings

  • The Discovery Meeting is where we review your client profile for accuracy and completion. We review your pertinent financial paperwork including but not limited to brokerage statements, tax returns, 401k statements, wills, etc. From this review we are able to assess whether we can add value to your financial career. We then discuss the next steps in our process.
  • The Investment Plan Meeting again begins with the clarification of your financial goals as this is the cornerstone of the Wealth Management Process. During this meeting we assess your current financial position and then explain the reasons for our recommendations in a straightforward fashion, focusing on the four key drivers of investment success: return, risk, costs and taxes. This becomes your actionable investment plan that may maximize the probability of achieving your investment goals
  • In the Mutual Commitment Meeting we answer additional questions you may have and discuss the administrative logistics of your plan. We also decide the regularity of our future meetings and your preferred mode of communication.
  • By the 45-Day Follow-up Meeting you will have received several pieces of correspondence from us. We review and explain the importance of these communications.
  • Going forward we have our Regular Progress Meetings during which we compare your current financial position to our plan making adjustments as needed.

To meet our clients’ advanced planning needs we build a network of professionals who may include an insurance specialist, tax accountant, lawyer, eldercare specialist, mortgage broker, etc.