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Our Approach to the client

Our Approach to Every Client:

  • We start by asking questions and we listen carefully.
  • We seek to understand who and what is important to you.
  • What future do you want to create.
  • Design - Only by understanding what is important to you can we develop a plan unique to only to you
  • A plan based upon your goals and your values, and a plan that is focused on your future.

We Also Evaluate How To:

  •      Best protect what the you already have
  •      Make sure Uncle Sam only gets his fare share from you
  •      Prepare for unexpected life events
  •      Charitably give and ensure the charity gets the biggest bang for the donation
Communicate and Implement

Communicate and Implement

  • Then, a draft plan is presented for them to consider.
  • We collaborate and seek feedback, and we ask more questions for clarification. 
  • The better we understand their hopes, their dreams, and their concerns, the better we co-create their future with them.
  • Once the plan is finalized and approved by them, we implement it together. 
  • We meet regularly to adjust the plan along the way due to life events and new laws.  You are always in control. 
  • We proactively communicate

Financial Independence

Our History

Financial independence means something different for each of us but is sought by all of us.

Our Process

Financial independence is not a goal, it is the emotional connection between feeling financially secure and having the freedom to focus on what is most important to you whether that be your family, your business, and your community.

Our Values

At Silver Sail Wealth Advisors, we help you pursue financial independence for your life whatever that means to you.  We plan and navigate for your future,  so you can focus on your today.  For those of you seeking to create their future instead of just reacting to it, we work for you.