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Strategies for Divorcees

Financial planning is critical for women during a divorce. Many women rely on their husbands to manage finances and save for retirement. However, after a divorce, women may be left with little savings. Even in an equitable divorce, where marital assets are divided equally, women are often left back at the beginning when it comes to the ability to save for the future.

Women’s roles as caregivers can cause increased financial burdens post-divorce, especially when young children and aging parents are part of the equation. When a woman’s role as a caregiver is a dominant one, she is left with less time to earn money and save. While even the most amicable divorces are complicated, rest assured that our team can help you navigate the financial aspects of your divorce and your financial future post-divorce. We are your partner in creating a stable and positive financial foundation for you and your family.



  • Taking control of your own finances
  • Determining how much money you have and creating a budget
  • Assessing options to pay for and deliver care to those relying on you
  • Using your money to create the lifestyle you want for yourself and your family, today and in the future
  • Planning for your children’s future education needs
  • Evaluating your retirement savings and developing a plan to fund your retirement goals
  • Mitigating your tax liabilities to Uncle Sam
  • Creating an estate plan to protect your nest egg for your loved ones

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Client Centered

  • Organizing and Budgeting

    From helping you identify and organize your bills and important paperwork to creating a budget, we take a proactive, hands-on approach to get you organized so you can confidently take control of your finances.

  • Financial Planning

    Nothing is more important to your financial future than growing, preserving, and protecting what you have. Developing an investment strategy and overall financial plan isn’t a one-time practice. It is an ongoing balancing act between understanding what’s most important to you, recognizing your concerns and minimizing the risk to grow your nest egg for the future. We are with you every step of the way.

  • Education Planning

    You want your children to attend college so it’s never to early to begin planning to pay for it. We help you begin saving for your children’s education and help you evaluate the numerous financial aid options when the time comes.

  • Retirement Planning

    There are many layers to a comprehensive retirement plan. From assessing your current resources to determining when and how to take your social security benefits, we help you design the right strategy to create a reliable stream of income for your future.

  • Estate Planning

    We work with your estate attorney (or help you find one) to ensure your assets are protected and distributed according to your wishes and your legacy is preserved for your family. It is never too early or too late to develop a plan for your estate.

  • Tax Efficient Strategies

    The purpose of tax planning is to ensure that all your investments are positioned to minimize the taxes you pay to Uncle Sam. From organizing the timing and structure of withdrawals to tax-harvesting strategies for non-qualified investments, we work with you and your CPA to ensure that your wealth is not eroded by taxes.

  • Long Term Care

    The cost of providing long-term care, whether in your own home, assisted living facilities, or a nursing home, can significantly erode the resources you have available to support for yourself and your family. You need a plan. We identify your options and help you create a solution that protects you and your family.